Die Fledermaus

by Johann Strauss


A sparkling production of Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus at Her Majesty’s Theatre with guest stars Rosamund Illing and John-Michael Howson, starring Joanna Cole, Geoffrey Harris, Roger Howell, Lucas de Jong, Stephen Smith, and Lee Abrahmsen. Directed by Hugh Halliday; conducted by Greg Hocking.


Conductor: Greg Hocking

Director & Choreographer: Hugh Halliday

Design Consultant: Adam Gardnir

Lighting Design: Nick Merrylees


with the Melbourne Opera Orchestra and Chorus


Presented at Her Majesty’s Theatre 24, 27 November & 3 December 2005


Introduction & Synopsis


Gabriel von Eisenstein


Rosalinda, his wife


Frank, the Govenor of the prison


Prince Orlofsky, a rich Russian


Alfred, a singer


Dr Falke, a friend of Eisenstein


Dr Blind, Eisenstein's attorney


Adele, the Eisenstein's maid

Ida, Adele's sister


Frosch, the gaoler


Blackamoor, Ivan'sassistant


Special Guest Artist


Special Guest Artist (Ivan)

Geoffrey Harris


Joanna Cole


Roger Howell


Donna-Maree Dunlop


Stephen Smith


Lucas de Jong


Matthew Davine


Lee Abrahmsen


Kathryn Turner


Stephen Brodie


Alf Duran


Rosamund Illing


John-Michael Howson


Louisa Billeter

Rebecca Bywater

Anna-Louise Cole

Giuliana D'Appio

Marie Finne

Kathy Hatton

Jodie Jay

Maree Macmillan

Catherine Meade

Kylie Purcell

Corry Pynaker

Kaye Reichmann

Sue Robertson

Shakira Searle

Norma Tovey

Louise Turner

Kelly Williams

Yvonne Williams

Cecily Woodberry

Piers Bray

Stephen Brodie

Kevin Cassels

Hayden Downing

Brendan Fink

Mark Henderson

David Lawson-Smith

John Marum

Bernard Nolan

Roland Seidl

Grant Smallcombe

Matthew Toogood

James van de Grift

Richard Wilson

David Woodberry