Der Freischütz

Carl Maria Von Weber's

Der Freischütz
(The Marksman)

Melbourne Opera presents a new production of Weber's Romantic masterpiece,the powerful "Der Freischutz/The Marksman",not seen in Melbourne since 1969!

Sung in English,directed by Suzanne Chaundy and conducted by David Kram and Greg Hocking,

"Der Freischutz/The Marksman " is a strong depiction of sinister forces at work in the life of rural Germany containing much memorable music including the famous Overture,the Huntsman's Chorus and the soprano and tenor arias.

Melbourne Opera has assembled a superb international cast led by Jason Wasley,Steven Gallop,Sally Wilson and Andrea Creighton ,combined with the acclaimed Melbourne Opera Chorus and Orchestra in a setting drawing on German Expressionism of the early 20th Century.

 "Der Freischutz/The Marksman" continues Melbourne Opera's commitment to perform less frequently seen German masterpieces, building on the company's successful performances of "Fidelio" and "Rienzi" over the last 2 years.

synopsis and Directors notes

Photos by Jodie Hutchinson

Max Jason Wasley
Agathe Sally Wilson
Annchen Andrea Creighton
Caspar Steven Gallop
Cuno Manfred Pohlenz
Samiel Roger Howel
Kilian Michael Lampard
Ottakar Adrian McEniery
The Hermit Roger Howell
Bridesmaids Genevieve Dickson
Bianca Majchrzak
Teresa Ingrilli
Belinda Dalton
Ariel Chou
Alexandra Oke
James Ash
Ariel Chou
Ian Cook
Robin Czuchnowski
Belinda Dalton
Paul Dernelly
Andrew Dickinson
Genevieve Dickson
Dick Dowling
Daniel Felton
Teresa Ingrilli
Susan Halls
Peter Hanway
Kathy Hatton
Mark Henderson
Angela Hennel
Lavinia Ionescu
Piri Jakab
Geoff King

Maree Macmillan
Bianca Majchrzak
Steve Marsh
Bernie Nolan
Debrah O'Connor
Alexandra Oke
George Opritescu
James Penn
Andrew Pennycuirk
Roland Seidl
Cameron Sibly
Norma Tovey
Robert Van Keulen
Megan Whiteside
Richard Wilson
Cecily Woodberry
David Wooodberry
Effie Zafirakis

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