by Giuseppe Verdi


This stunning new production was directed by Melbourne’s Greg Carroll and designed by Peter Corrigan, who created a spartan, hard-edged set for Her Majesty’s Theatre, to fit with the dark themes of this dramatic opera.


From the play Le Roi s’Amuse by Victor Hugo with a libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, Verdi’s Rigoletto is one of the most popular operas ever written. Featuring such well known arias as La Donna e Mobile and Caro Nome, it tells the tragic story of a father’s thwarted revenge on the man who abducted his daughter.




The Duke of Mantua


Rigoletto, his court jester



Gilda, Rigoletto's daughter



Sparafucile, a professional assassin



Maddalena, Sparafucile's sister



Count Monterone



Marullo, a courtier



Borsa, a courtier



Count Ceprano, a courtier


Giovanna, her duenna



Countess Ceprano


A Page



A court usher

Aydin Ustuk,

Stephen Smith


Andrea Rola,

Roger Howell


Vanessa West,

Polina Volfson


Jonathan Truscott,

Jerzy Kozlowski


Roxanne Hislop,

Lynlee Williams


Manfred Pohlenz,

Bryan O'Connell


Jason Wasley,

Simon Meadows


Mark Fowler,

Jacob Caine


Adrian Tamburini,

Angus Grant


Kerrie Bolton,

Cecily Woodberry


Suzan Stafford


Sally Kirkcaldy,

Seija Knight


Giuseppe Corizzo,

Josh Perillo


Sig Anderson

David Campbell

Andrea Carcassi

Kevin Castles

Giuseppe Corizzo

Hayden Downing

Brendan Egan

Adrian Glaubert

Angus Grant

Peter Grant

Stephen Mansour

Mark Henderson

Oliver Mann

Alex McCutcheon

Bruce Nichols

Bernie Nolan

Josh Perillo

Rodney Phillips

Jean-Francois Ravat

Roland Seidl

David Woodberry

Adrian Woodhouse