The Magic Flute

by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Following the sold-out triumph of La Traviata in June, and Bizet’s ever-popular The Pearlfishers in September, Melbourne Opera’s final production for our debut 2003 season was The Magic Flute.

Sung in English in a new translation, The Magic Flute is Mozart’s final masterpiece, a stunning mixture of low comedy and high seriousness as two young men and women find maturity and love through trial.

This new production was directed by Caroline Stacey, designed by Kaoru Alfonso, conducted by Maestro Armando Krieger, Warwick Stengards, and Greg Hocking, and featured the acclaimed Melbourne Opera Orchestra and Chorus along with a cast of extraordinary Australian singers.


















Queen of the Night















Three Ladies








Two Priests





Two Men in Armour






Three Genies







Two Slaves

Richard Curtin,

David Gould


Stephen Smith,

James Egglestone,

Jacob Caine


Joanna Cole,

Antoinette Halloran,

Elena Xanthoudakis


Ian Cousins,

Roger Howell


Teresa la Rocca,

Jane O'Toole,

Ebony Hack


Francesco Fabris,

Jason Wasley,

Derek Welton


Shu-Cheen Yu,

Seija Knight,
Kylie Pointer


Matthew Davine,

Mark Fowler


Felicity Baldock,

Barbara Idzkowska Curtin,

Isobel Veale,

Rebecca Long,

Kathryn Grey,

Jenny Wakefield,

Vanessa West


Jacob Caine,

Derek Welton,

Daryl Barclay,

Bryan O'Connell


Mark Fowler,

Piers Bray,

Adrian McEniery,

David Gould,

Alex McCutcheon,


Katrina Soucoultanos,

Natalie Edwards,

Marie Finne,

Marina Connolly,

Laura Slavin,

Fintan Hocking


Fatih Karakas,

Josh Perillo


Amanda Bathgate

Jacob Caine

Rebecca Crabtree

Peter Donnelly

Jennifer Donohue

Brendan Egan

Ann Fichera

Marie Finne

Angus Grant

Peter Grant

Sue Halls

John Handley

Kathy Hatton

Mark Henderson

Fatih Karakas

Sally Kirkcaldy

John Marum

Alex McCutcheon

Suzan Milosevic

Helena Nicolaou

Bernard Nolan

Bryan O'Connell

Josh Perillo

Rodney Phillips

Taso Psychoulas

Kylie Purcell

Robert Ratcliffe

Camila Rivera

Susan Robertson

Roland Seidl

Katrina Soucoultanos

Christopher Stobie

Rachel Sztanski

Erica Taylor

Norma Tovey

Mary Vidovich

Lynda Watkins

Cecily Woodberry

David Woodberry