Greetings from Valhalla (aka Bendigo) where 6 leading singers from Patrick Togher Artists’ Management are enjoying brilliant success in Melbourne Opera’s Ring Cycle.

Antoinette Halloran – Brünnhilde

“An actor of exceptional emotional intelligence… Antoinette Halloran commands the stage with grace and dignity… she unleashes further searing power, bringing the opera to a gripping climax.” Man In Chair

“Antoinette Halloran sang her first full Brünnhilde with ferocious passion…” Deborah Jones

What a vivid and agile singer-actor she is…the high notes – steely, ringing, fearless. (Halloran – with her big, bold, serviceable voice – reminds me of Cheryl Studer, Brünnhilde in Haitink’s EMI Ring)…Brünnhilde’s blessing for Wotan was beautifully sung.” Australian Book Review

“Halloran sang with captivating rapture and dramatic intention…(her)…radiance was in the strength of her conviction.” Limelight Magazine

“From the moment Antoinette Halloran stepped out, her Brünnhilde felt gloriously ready, willing and likeable…with a masterpiece of emotionally evolving character through to the devastating climax when father and daughter make their final farewell.” Arts Review

Warwick Fyfe – Wotan / Wanderer

Watch Warwick sing ‘Wotan’s Farewell’.

“Above all, Warwick Fyfe as Wotan wielded a gorgeously burnished heldenbariton with seemingly endless reserves of power.” Deborah Jones

“Warwick Fyfe was again in spectacularly commanding voice…” Limelight Magazine

“His voice powerful and emotion driven, Warwick Fyfe was truly outstanding in the way he conveyed Wotan’s inner struggles…” Classic Melbourne

“Warwick Fyfe’s powerful voice and focused stage presence brought considerable strength to the flawed character of Wotan…” Classic Melbourne

“Warwick Fyfe was simply magnificent. There seems to be no limit to his vocal power.” Australian Book Review

“In superb voice, Warwick Fyfe’s Wotan commands the stage with his masterful vocal performance” Man In Chair

Simon Meadows – Alberich

“Simon Meadows had a triumph as Alberich…” Deborah Jones

“Simon Meadows, his malevolent Alberich reliably sung with a heady mix of ringing power and vibrant expression.” Man In Chair

“Simon Meadows made a striking return as Alberich and gave a masterclass in diction and attention to text.” Limelight Magazine

“Simon Meadows treats the audience to his powerhouse Alberich…singing with splendid power.” Man In Chair

“The intensity that Simon Meadows brought to the role was spine-chilling (his) portrayal was masterful.” Classic Melbourne

“Simon Meadows managed to better the celebrated performance he gave in 2021.” Australian Book Review

“Simon Meadows is a marvel as maleficent dwarf Alberich, his tireless baritone ringing out in pure, unwavering tone.” Man In Chair

“Focused and assured in voice, Simon Meadows epitomised and celebrated his role as…a dark-world Alberich.” Arts Review

Deborah Humble – Erda / Waltraute

“Waltraute, sung by the redoubtable Deborah Humble, is a true highlight of the opera…Humble is absolutely compelling…vividly dramatic and emotionally moving.” Man In Chair

“Deborah Humble thrilled the audience as earth-mother Erda and the Valkyrie Waltraute.” Deborah Jones

“Humble unforgettably evoked the cavernous depths of the underworld and the doom to come.” Limelight Magazine

“Deborah Humble…a finely calibrated, beautifully sung cameo performance as earth mother Erda.” Man In Chair

“Brief but impactful, the arrival of earth goddess Erda was delivered with excellent shadowy foreboding by Deborah Humble Arts Review

James Egglestone – Loge / Siegmund

“James Egglestone made this a scene to remember, leaving many audience members in tears, completely bowled over by the rapturous singing and fully committed acting…” Classic Melbourne

“The fiery Loge is sometimes performed by an artist more noted for acting than singing abilities. James Egglestone is gifted in both.” Classic Melbourne

“James Egglestone’s voice has never sounded better.” Australian Book Review

“James Egglestone’s dynamic presence and excellent vocals make this (Loge) far more entertaining than it might be otherwise.” Man In Chair

“James Egglestone was a powerful Siegmund…” Deborah Jones

“As a youthful, searching Siegmund, James Egglestone’s warm-toned and vocal sincerity leapt into the soul…(he)…has lashings of talent to support his performance.” Arts Review

Christopher Hillier – Gunther

“Baritone Christopher Hillier is in strong form as Gunther, a noble fellow led astray by Hagen and ruined as a consequence.” Man In Chair

“Hillier put in a mighty performance…marvellously presenting a fragile leader whose demise looked spelled out.” Arts Review

“Gunther became less of an easily corrupted weakling in the hands of Christopher Hillier. Combined with an intense acting style, the well projected, gathered tone of his voice elevated the stature of the Lord of the Gibichungs.” Classic Melbourne